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Ivy Hill

The Ivy Hill Collection®
, by CFM Uniforms Inc is an exclusive school uniform & accessory line tailored to meet the needs of private and public schools from the elementary to high school levels.

EXPERIENCE: With 16 years experience in manufacturing uniforms CFM is one of the only school uniform providers in Canada with its own in-house cutting and sewing facilities. For years school uniform suppliers have come to us for our manufacturing services so why not deal directly with us?

QUALITY: We are experts in uniforms. We are accustomed to making garments of superior quality as we began our business supplying uniforms to police, transit and other government entities where garments are vigorously tested over and over again.

SERVICE: Our service is second to none. We offer personalized service and don’t treat our customers as a number. Customers who choose CFM realize that we not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations.

PERKS: There are many other perks for choosing to do business with CFM. Call us for an appointment today and we will fill you in.


If your school is considering making improvements to your uniform program or wish to implement a uniform program your first call should be to CFM. We would be pleased to show  you the Ivy Hill Collection® 

Contact us at 514-389-0007