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Law Enforcement, Security & Fire

 CFM Uniforms is proud to be the uniform manufacturer of choice for law enforcement, security and fire departments in both the US and Canada. With our expansion into the US market we quickly became the exclusive supplier of 10 US State Police forces.

Customers know that our garments are manufactured with unsurpassed quality. 

From standard to custom design, our tailoring ensure that our garments meet the different needs of both men and women. For law enforcement: low rise pants for women, cargo pants, shirts, sweaters, dress/blouse coats and more.

For fire departments, we manufacture a broad range of styles of tunics and pants in both made-to-measure as well as stock programs. 

We offer the latest selection of technologically enhanced fabrics that offer long-term dependability, comfort, mobility, ease of care and safety.

Organizations who wear our uniforms convey confidence and strength, which is key for facing difficult situations.

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Main Law Uniform

Main Law Uniform

Main Law Uniform