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CFM Uniforms has successfully designed and implemented uniform programs for many clients in the transportation industry. In fact, in 1993 CFM was founded on providing uniforms for the Toronto Transit Commissions 5000 bus drivers and as a testament to our quality and service we were re-awarded the contract several times over for a total period of 12 years.

We understand the specific needs and the level of service required to successfully maintain a uniform program in the transportation industry.

We manufacture and maintain full package uniform programs for bus drivers, flight attendants, ticket agents, pilots and ground crew with both made-to-measure and stock service.

Through the use of luxurious fabrics, custom tailoring and designs, CFM garments make a powerful statement. Our garments convey an image of confidence, comfort and style.

CFM staff measures individual employees at customer locations to ensure that garments are manufactured with precision. To further guarantee customer satisfaction, CFM has tailor representatives in major cities across Canada and the US so that employees can walk-in for on-the-spot minor alterations.

Our garments are stylish, comfortable, and durable and are all custom fitted to meet the different needs of both male and female employees.

From jackets and blazers to trousers, skirts, shorts, blouses and more. We offer the complete package.

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